Our Country's Heroes Need You.

Part-Time Commitment.
Lifetime Rewards.

Become an ARMC physician. For a part-time commitment, you’ll work with some of the finest physicians and scientists anywhere in the world. The medical expertise and technology are cutting-edge, providing an environment that encourages constant growth and defies even your greatest accomplishments.


Orthopedic Surgery

As you are always up for a challenge, you will use your skills to perform surgical procedures for soldiers and their families with disorders or injuries. Read More »

General Surgery

Your surgical experience will be used in a variety of ways for both soldiers and their families. The experience gained will add value to your career path. Read More »

Emergency Medicine

You’ll treat military personnel in the early stages of trauma and disease. Treatment environments will vary, but your goal to save lives will not. Read More »

Family Practice

You'll provide comprehensive care to patients at each level of the health system. In both CONUS and deployment you will be practicing medicine. Read More »


You will help maintain the mental health of soldiers before, during and after deployment. Your experience will be unmatched by your colleagues. Read More »

Preventive Medicine

You’ll maintain the health of military by planning, coordinating, and directing a program designed to improve fitness and prevent disease and injury. Read More »