Prior Service

Maintain your rank and benefits by transitioning to the Army Reserve.

As a Commissioned Officer in the Air Force or Navy, you know what it takes to successfully serve our country. And you know how important and challenging it is for our Armed Forces to retain highly qualified men and women. Operation Blue to Green enables us to smoothly facilitate the transfer of qualified Air Force and Navy Officers to the Army Reserve. This program gives you the opportunity to expand your capabilities and education by gaining new training and working with leading-edge technologies. In return, you’ll continue to serve our country, maintain your federal benefits, and build your retirement. If you are prior service and have left the military, you’ll still retain at a minimum your rank (or higher), your Time In Service (TIS), and your retirement credits for returning.

This section outlines the various financial incentives you’ll receive for continuing your service to the country and the opportunities you’ll have to enhance your civilian career. You’ll also learn what assignments are involved when serving, the duties to be fulfilled as you serve in your particular specialty, and the qualifications you’ll need to be considered. As you read the profiles of other prior military physicians, you’ll understand the motivations of your peers for rejoining and why they’re continuing their service to the country.


When you commission with the Army Reserve Medical Corps you will continue to gain the honor and prestige of serving our country while maintaining a successful civilian career and receiving the many benefits the Reserve has to offer.


As you know, providing top-notch medical care to a Soldier and his or her family is honorable. You serve our country well when you use your healing skills in this way. Our Soldiers need your expertise – sometimes to heal their bodies, but always to maintain their physical and mental strength so as to continue to serve our great nation. The rewards of doing so for you, the physician, will be lifelong and immeasurable.

As a Physician in the Army Reserve Medical Corps, you’ll enjoy generous privileges. You’ll be commissioned as a Captain or above, depending on your prior rank, years of education and experience. You’ll continue to have access to various incentive programs and base facilities such as the Post Exchange, fitness facilities, recreational facilities, some commercial discounts, options for medical and dental insurance, and more. You may also continue to specialize and serve in the Medical Corps at ever-increasing levels of leadership and responsibility. Options to advance your career include:

  • Commanding and controlling part of a Field Hospital, Combat Support Hospital, Augmentation Hospital or specialized medical detachment
  • Developing doctrine, organizations, and equipment for unique healthcare missions
  • Serving as a Medical or Health Care advisor to other entities


Financial Incentives

Health Professional Loan Repayment (HPLR)
The upgraded HPLR Program provides up to $250,000 for repayment of educational loans for physicians in critical wartime specialties. Payments are made in yearly increments of $40,000. One year of service is required for every year of loan repayment.

Payments are made on the physician’s behalf directly to the U.S. schools or financial institutions that provided the loans. Loans cannot be in default and must be more than one year old. Currently the specialties eligible to receive HPLR are determined annually.

Special Pay (SP)
This program provides up to $75,000 to physicians in certain critical wartime specialties. Payments are made in increments of $25,000 each year. For every year Special Pay is received, one year of service is required. Specialties that are eligible to receive Special Pay are determined annually.

Battle Assembly Pay/Annual Training Pay
When you serve in the Army Reserve, you’ll earn Battle Assembly Pay, which is additional compensation for training on weekends, and Annual Training Pay, which is compensation for your two weeks of training in the summer. You’ll be paid on an hourly basis and your wages will increase as you climb in rank and years of experience.

As an ARMC physician you’ll stay up-to-date on the newest developments, techniques and latest trends in the medical industry. Our goal is for you to provide the highest quality of patient care and we want to equip you to do so. Our intent is to help you achieve your continuing education goals and give you a chance to perfect your specialty.

As a physician in the Army Reserve, you’ll be eligible to:

  • Earn CME credits while performing your service
  • Attend seminars and specialty conferences
  • Collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds
  • Learn the latest trends in preventive medicine, environmental and occupational health, health promotion and wellness, epidemiology, disease prevention, trauma medicine, telemedicine and burn medicine

Latest Technology

You’ll be exposed to cutting edge equipment at many state-of-the-art facilities throughout the country and around the world. And you’ll get an opportunity to work at world-renowned medical centers. You will be involved in patient care that you may not see in the private sector, which will only add to your capabilities.

Your experience with field medical units may include:

  • Capabilities for telemedicine transmission
  • Computed radiography
  • High-resolution still imagery
  • Interactive video conferencing
  • Computerized patient information management systems and high performance wireless communications, enabling you to link into a network of specialists

Humanitarian Missions

Being an Army Reserve doctor gives you the opportunity to participate in humanitarian missions. In the U.S., you might find yourself treating people wounded in a disaster. In other countries, you may be treating people who have little or no access to healthcare. Army Reserve physicians have served with missions in Egypt, Guatemala, South America and other locations.